June 30, 2008

I'm Lebanese

Here is a quick list of famous Lebanese (or of Lebanese descent) people (selected):

- Reem Acra: Fashion Designer
- Elie Saab: Fashion Designer
- Zuhair Murad: Fashion Designer

Business figures, Entrepreneurs
- Carlos Slim Helu: World's richest man
- Carlos Ghosn: Lebanese Brazilian-born CEO and President of Renault and Nissan Motor, nicknamed the "Cost Cutter"
- Al-Waleed Bin Talal: Saudi Prince whose mother is Lebanese and the daughter of ex Prime Minister Riad Al-Solh
- Nicolas Hayek: 'Mr. Swatch', Chairman of the Swatch Group, the 'father of Swatch' and the man behind the concept of the Smart Car
- Jack Nasser: Ex-CEO of Ford Motors, born in Lebanon

Film, Theatre, Television, & Radio Personalities
- Joseph Barbera & William Hanna: Hanna-Barbera (Lebanese pronunciation: Hannah & Berbere). Creators of the Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Yogi Bear and many other world renowned cartoons
- Mario Kassar: Film maker of Terminator, Rambo, The Amateur, Victory, Basic Instinct ...
- Casey Kassem: Kamal Amin Kassem, Radio star
- Lili Estefan: Cuban American television hostess, (niece of Emilio Estefan; Lebanese ancestry)
- Jamie Farr: Actor of M*A*S*H fame
- Jack Hanna: Host of the U.S. hit television series "Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures"
- Salma Hayek: Mexican actress (Lebanese father and Mexican mother)
- Wentworth Miller: Television actor; stars in Prison Break
- Omar Naim: Director of The Final Cut
- Tom Shadyac: Motion picture director
- Tony Shalhoub: Television and film actor
- Amy Yasbeck: Lebanese-American film and television actress, widow of actor John Ritter
- Vince Vaughn: Actor
- Marlo Thomas: Margaret Julia Thomas, played Rachel's mom in Friends
- Nadine Labaki: Actress/Director

- Assi Rahbani: Music Composer (Fairuz's husband)
- David Yazbeck: Music composer who wrote the lyrics and score for The Full Monty
- Emilio Estefan: Husband of Gloria Estefan, Cuban musician/producer (Lebanese parents)
- Elias Rahbani: Music Composer (Mansour's youngest brother)
- Fairuz: Born Nouhad Haddad, singer
- Frank Zappa: Former legend in the world of rock. A famous musician that played a wide variety of music
- Guy Béart: French singer
- Gabriel Yared: Academy Award winner (composer for The English Patient) and Opera and cinematic music score composer
- Guy Manoukian: Classical and Electronic music Composer and Pianist
- Herbert Khoury: (Tiny Tim), singer, Ukulele player (Lebanese father)
- Karl Wolf: (Karl Abou Samah) Canadian singer, songwriter and producer
- K-Maro: Canadian rapper of Lebanese origin
- Mika: Pop singer born in Beirut to a Lebanese mother
- Marwan Awad: 2-time Academy Award winner
- Massari: Lebanese pop and hip-hop singer who grew up in Canada
- Mansour Rahbani: Music composer (Assi's brother)
- Matthieu Chedid: Lebanese-French Rock/Blues songwriter and singer
- Paul Anka: Pop singer
- Paul Jabara: Oscar winning composer for Last Dance from Thank God It's Friday
- René Angélil: Music composer and manager. Husband of Celine Dion
- Shakira: Colombian singer/songwriter, born Shakira Mebarak Chedid (Lebanese father from Zahle, Colombian mother of Catalan descent)
- Soraya: American-Colombian-Lebanese singer/songwriter (Lebanese mother)
- Tony Hajjar: At the Drive-In and Sparta drummer
- Tiffany: The first teenage singer to have her first two singles both hit number one in the U.S.A
- Wadih Safi: Musician and singer
- Walid Akl: World acclaimed pianist
- Zaki Nassif: Musician and singer
- Ziad Rahbani: Classical/Blues Music Composer and singer (Assi’s and Fairuz’s son)

Doctors, Scientists
- Sir Michael Atiyah: (Lebanese British father) - mathematician, Fields Medal (1966), Abel Prize (2004)
- Elias J. Corey: Chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1990)
- Michael Ellis DeBakey: A pioneering cardiovascular surgeon and researcher
- Georges Harik: Former Director of Googlettes (department of Google Inc). His team was responsible for the product management and strategy efforts surrounding many starting Google initiatives including Gmail, Google Talk, Google Video, Picasa, Orkut, Google Groups and Google Mobile. Harik was also the co-developer of the technology behind AdSense, the first engineering manager of the Google Search Appliance, and the co-author of the original product plan for the AdWords Online system
- George Hatem: (Chinese name: Ma Haide) Lebanese-American physician who became Mao-Zedung's main doctor
- Peter Medawar: Nobel Prize Physiology /Medicine 1960 for immune system. Brazilian born, British father Lebanese mother.

Writers & Journalists
- Nidal Achkar: Poetess
- Said Akl: Writer, poet, philosopher
- George Salim Abi-Esber: Writer and poet (recipient of Lebanese president high order medal)
- Dr Edward Alam: Writer, "Out of The Shadows and Into Reality", Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame University. (Born in Utah, resides in Lebanon).
- William Peter Blatty: Writer, "The Exorcist"
- Gibran Khalil Gibran: Poet and writer, "The Prophet"
- Elias Khoury: Novelist
- Amin Maalouf: Writer, Prix Goncourt (1993)
- Helen Thomas: White House correspondent and Dean of the White House Press Corps, covered eight US Presidents starting with John F. Kennedy in 1961

Photography: The Cedars, George E. Bitar, Copyright 2005

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